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Christopher Reluct Gulino

Competitive Fortnite Player / Twitch Affiliate

Chris Gulino, known better to the gaming community as "Reluct", is a 16 year old Professional Fortnite player from Long Island, New York. The last 12 (or so) months of scrims was proven to have been worth it last year when Chris qualified #129 in the Fortnite NA Winter Royale open qualifiers. With almost 10 million players competing for only 200 tournament seats, Reluct brought fire to the event pulling out all the stops and was able to show the world he IS one of the best. Although his age restricted him from playing in the tournament, Reluct qualified right along side @Ninja, @TSM_Myth, and @Ghost Aydan, all ending the weekend with 29 total points. The original event standings can be found here.

Chris constantly strives to be a better player and practices for countless hours. As a child, when asked what he wants to be when he grows up the answer was always the same... A gamer. Before Fortnite, Chris also excelled at other FPS games such as CS-GO and Call of Duty but, due to his age, wasn't able to compete professionally. He's recently made the "Champions Division Event" in Solos and Duos, and continues to practive tirelessly for his shot at the Fortnite World Cup. Since his 16th birthday just passed, Chris is hoping to end his free agency and is looking to be paired with an organization and compete against the best in the world as a professional Esports player.

2019 has had a great start! Chris kicked off the year by turning 16 in February and has followed it up placing high enough in the last few Epic Games Fortnite events to cash in on some of the prize money flying around. With new opportunities every week and with an INSANE practice schedule, Reluct will continue grinding toward his dream of signing with an organization and the current new goal to qualify for the World Cup in July.

Tournament Results

Fortnite World Cup Week 5 Solos $300.00

World Cup Week 5

Points Earned39
Matches Played10

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Fortnite World Cup Week 4 Duos $500.00

World Cup Week 4

RankTop 0.145%
Points Earned49
Matches Played10

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Fortnite World Cup Week 3 Solos $250.00

World Cup Week 3

RankTop 0.097%
Points Earned35
Matches Played10

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Fortnite World Cup Week 2 Duos $350.00

World Cup Week 2

RankTop 0.247%
Points Earned42
Matches Played10

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Fortnite World Cup Week 1 Solos $300.00

World Cup Week 1

RankTop 0.054%
Points Earned39
Matches Played10

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Fortnite World Cup Warmup $250.00

World Cup Warmup

RankTop 0.139%
Points Earned47
Matches Played10

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Content Creation


Equipped with new hardware, Reluct has plans to grind out an aggressive Twitch schedule this year.


Streaming isn't all! Reluct is increasing his presence on the largest video platform in the world, YouTube


With an increased focus on creating content, Reluct will stream other games in addition to Fortnite.

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